You can influence a movement. 

October 24, 2019  |  New York City 

Location Will Be Announced Soon




The Influence Nation Summit explores the drivers behind social movements today – messaging/pop culture/tech – and how these movements lead people from understanding to action. The summit brings together senior executives in marketing and communications at companies overseeing social issue engagement, senior cause executives leading movements and campaigns, and the media entrenched in today’s social issues.



The summit is carefully curated to review, regardless of issue area, what moves the public to act on causes they care about. Supported and co-hosted by Cause and Social Influence and the Ad Council, the summit features conversations and reviews of the latest research and impact of today’s influences on social issue campaigns, moments and movements. The summit brings together:

  • Senior executives in marketing and communications at companies overseeing social issue engagement

  • Senior cause executives leading movements and designing public engagement strategies

  • Media outlets and journalists, thought leaders and academics studying and covering movements in America

This programming feature allows the audience to hear from people with authentic expertise on issues and getting the public to move along the spectrum of cause engagement. Regardless of issue interest, anyone can learn from the approach and tactics to move the public to act.





Doors Open

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Registration opens

Before programming begins, participants grab their badges and programs.



Welcome & Opening Speaker

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM EST

Influencing the Public to Get Involved in Complex Issues

Today’s causes must generate public awareness and adoption to reach social change. Hear the latest research from Cause and Social Influence and how that applies to your work.




2:40 PM EST - 3:40 PM EST

campaigns, moments and movements impacting american culture

Panels consisting of issue experts and leaders generating the most public engagement in the last year share their experiences and lessons learned. Hear from pioneers leading the charge to help the public understand the issues affecting Americans today.



Closing Speaker

3:40 PM - 4:10 PM EST

Building Community and Understanding

Movements grow when the public understands and adopts the issue as a priority. Hear what’s ahead in movements and campaigns in America.



Happy Hour Trivia

4:15 PM EST - 5:30 PM EST

Test Your Knowledge on today’s movements

After a great day of programming, it’s time to unwind with a happy hour trivia. Attendees enjoy drinks and participate in trivia about today’s movements, campaigns and moments in pop culture.




Speakers announcements will begin the first week of August 2019. Interested in speaking at the summit? Feel free to complete a speaker inquiry form below.

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Your Contact Information
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Suggested Speaker Name
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