You can influence a movement. 

October 24, 2019  |  New York City 

SubCulture | 45 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012




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Influence Nation explores the drivers behind social movements today – messaging/tech/popular culture – and how these movements lead people from understanding to action. The summit features conversations about the latest research and impact of today’s influences on social issue campaigns, moments and movements.


The summit brings together:

  • Senior executives in marketing and communications at companies overseeing social issue engagement

  • Senior cause executives leading movements and designing public engagement strategies

  • Journalists, thought leaders and academics studying and covering movements in America


Summit speakers bring insights and expertise on today’s social issues and cause engagement. Regardless of issue interest, anyone can learn from their experiences to move the public to act.





Doors Open

1:00 PM EDT

Registration opens

Before programming begins, participants grab your badges and programs.



Welcome & New Research

1:30 PM EDT

Influencing the Public to ACt - new Research Preview

Today’s causes must generate public awareness and adoption to reach social change. Hear how the latest research from Cause and Social Influence applies to your work.

Get to know Derrick

Fast Company - How millennials are altering the landscape of social change

The Case Foundation - A Conversation on the Millennial Impact Report

Forbes - Are You Influencing People Or Just Talking To Yourself



Opening Speaker

1:50 PM EDT

Fighting for Change is a Marathon not a Sprint

In today’s world it is so easy to give up on the social issues we all care deeply about. When you don’t see change happen now and in the moment, we can retreat and bring our attention to other matters. As leaders of movements and campaigns, this is no different. Hear how one leader never gives up even when it feels like change is slow. 

Get to know robert

Nation Swell - Being HIV Positive Might Land You in Jail. But That is Changing.

New York Times - Living With H.I.V. Isn’t a Crime. Why Is the United States Treating It Like One?




2:15 PM EDT

Campaigns, Movements and Moments Impacting Young Americans and Culture

Panel consisting of issue experts and leaders generating the most public engagement in the last year share their experiences and lessons learned. Hear from pioneers leading the charge to help the public understand the issues affecting Americans today.

Get to Know Aracely

Rolling Stone - Sunrise Movement, the Force Behind the Green New Deal, Ramps up Plan for 2020

NPR - Activists Push Democrats on Climate Change, A New Priority for Party’s Base

get to know Jess

MSNBC - Jess Morales Rocketto on MSNBC

Women4Future - Why women's leadership will make the difference in the fight against climate change

2019 Netroots Nation Speaker Series



2:40 PM EDT

A Decade of Global citizens

Global Citizen, the largest youth movement in the world, turns 10. Hear from the founders on their lessons learned.

Get to Know Simon

Fast Company - NatGeo’s ‘Activate’ wants to inspire global activism - and reinvent P&G marketing - with Pharrell, Common.

Billboard - Becky G Opens Up About Being Homeless in Inspiring New ‘Activate’ TV Series

getting to know wei

'ONE: Global Superheroes'

ABS CBN News - ONE: New partnership uses MMA as platform to eradicate extreme poverty




2:50 PM EDT

Opening conversations around mental health

How do you talk to a friend who has withdrawn or is acting reckless? How do you start a conversation with a friend who is anxious or depressed? Hear how brands and influencers can best communicate to young Americans about mental health issues in a way that promotes empathy and help-seeking behavior.

Get to know Amanda

Bustle - This Is Bustle’s First Issue, & We’re “Owning It”

Bustle - 4 Tips For Talking To A Friend Struggling With Mental Health, If You’re Not Sure What To Say

Get To Know John

Cision - Seize the Awkward

Cision - New Initiative to Support Graduate Student Mental Health and Wellness



Closing Panel

3:15 PM EDT

a new generation of voters

The general election of 2020 will be the first time Generation Z could make a huge impact on America’s political leadership. Hear the latest generational data on voting and what will inspire all Americans to vote.

Get to know Andy

Rolling Stone - For a Upstart Voter Non-Profit, a New Chairman Leads the Way

HuffPost - Jay-Z Appears in Youth Vote PSA

Get To Know Kate

Fast Company - The Ad Council is now selling its services to help social good campaigns hit home

Cision - The Ad Council and Democracy Works Release New Research to Inform “Get out the Vote” Efforts in 2020



Happy Hour Trivia

3:45 PM EDT

Test Your Knowledge on today’s movements

After a great day of programming, it’s time to unwind with happy hour trivia. Enjoy drinks and participate in trivia about today’s movements, campaigns and moments in pop culture.





45 Bleecker St.

New York, NY 10012






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Tickets are limited and reserve a spot at the summit; thus, all ticket costs and fees are nonrefundable.




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