We desire change.


We are all empathetic.

We are driven by our human need to help others. We desire to be part of the ‘do good’ culture – where performing an act for others or in support of an issue fuels our sense of belonging. Essentially, doing good is sexy, popular and, at times, hard to resist.

This desire is put into action or suppressed when it intersects with other parts of our lives. Peers, media and pop culture influence our decision to act. Understanding the social influences that persuade and challenge involvement is necessary to build movements and achieve the change we all desire.

That’s Cause & Social Influence. 



Cause & Social Influence explores the drivers of movements in America. Through research, experiences and dialogue, the Cause & Social Influence initiative provides informed insights into how Young America (ages 18-30) is moved to action for social change. By looking at industry, people and mechanisms, we benchmark movements and the methods used to build public engagement. This research creates a new standard for causes in:


Cause & Social Influence Measurements

The research team measures cause, social movement engagement and influences through:


People | Actions


Social Conversation | Network Reach | Media


Social Benefit | Issue Awareness/Support/Adoption


Cause & Social Influence Annual Review

Each year, the Cause & Social Influence Report will feature the social movements that have inspired Americans to act. The latest trends, leading stories of the year, profiles of campaigns and their results, and benchmarking for current and past social movements will all find a home in the pages of the report.



Profiles | Stories | New Insights | Movement Updates